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Vince Garcia
Re: Enrique or H.A. Place
Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:52pm

I am stretching my memory here and could well be wrong, but I seem to recall at times Butch allegedly claimed to be a native, hence the Spanish name. Dan can correct me if I'm wrong

  • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceChrisV, Tue Nov 28 3:49pm point exactly. It would be silly to do this on government docs. You already are on the lamb and have an alias that you want people to believe as you want to stay in the area for awhile... more
    • Re: Enrique or H.A. Place — Vince Garcia, Tue Nov 28 5:52pm
      • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceChrisV, Tue Nov 28 6:00pm
        Interesting. Id think that would be hard to pull off not speaking fluent Spanish or none at all. I would also think that a native name such as Enrique or Santiago would be earned as they made friends ... more
        • Enrique - Jacob - James - etc Mark Mszanski, Wed Nov 29 6:51am
          Enrique or Harry ( or Henry ) - Santiago or Jacob or James - Would be the literal translations and would be the names they were called in Spanish by the natives . As well, Mrs. H.A Place was known to ... more
        • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceVince Garcia, Wed Nov 29 2:45am
          Come out here and I'll show you people "native" to California who can't speak more than a smattering of english. But there were english and german speaking communities down there one could be raised... more
          • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceChrisV, Wed Nov 29 5:30am
            Could be a possibility. Would be interesting to know.
            • Tough to tell Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 6:26am
              There could have been a very good reason for the use of the names. Dan has much more South American context and speaks Spanish fluently. I suspect there must be a rationale for the use of their alias ... more
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