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Re: Enrique or H.A. Place
Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:00pm

Interesting. Id think that would be hard to pull off not speaking fluent Spanish or none at all. I would also think that a native name such as Enrique or Santiago would be earned as they made friends in the area and gained respect. Showing up fresh off the boat and going with a Spanish name as I said before, doesn't make sense.

  • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceVince Garcia, Tue Nov 28 5:52pm
    I am stretching my memory here and could well be wrong, but I seem to recall at times Butch allegedly claimed to be a native, hence the Spanish name. Dan can correct me if I'm wrong
    • Re: Enrique or H.A. Place — ChrisV, Tue Nov 28 6:00pm
      • Enrique - Jacob - James - etc Mark Mszanski, Wed Nov 29 6:51am
        Enrique or Harry ( or Henry ) - Santiago or Jacob or James - Would be the literal translations and would be the names they were called in Spanish by the natives . As well, Mrs. H.A Place was known to ... more
      • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceVince Garcia, Wed Nov 29 2:45am
        Come out here and I'll show you people "native" to California who can't speak more than a smattering of english. But there were english and german speaking communities down there one could be raised... more
        • Re: Enrique or H.A. PlaceChrisV, Wed Nov 29 5:30am
          Could be a possibility. Would be interesting to know.
          • Tough to tell Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 6:26am
            There could have been a very good reason for the use of the names. Dan has much more South American context and speaks Spanish fluently. I suspect there must be a rationale for the use of their alias ... more
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