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Daniel Buck
Re: adding up
Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:51am


just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it doesn't add up. It just might mean you don't understand it.

What we have here is another example of something that actually happened, and for which we have evidence, Enrique and Santiago, and your reaction is, gee, it doesn't add up. Leaving hanging what the actual point is.

My experience living and traveling for more than three years in South America is that the locals pick up on the Spanish equivalent of an English-language first name quickly, and that as well the English-speakers quickly start introducing themselves in their Spanish first name equivalent. It's called being sociable.

Saludos, Dan

  • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 7:19am
    Dan, People are known by nicknames with friends or family. On government documents they go by their official names. Since Butch and SK wanted to be known by their aliases i.e. James Ryan and Harry... more
    • Re: adding up — Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 9:51am
      • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 9:59am
        Dan, Im asking a legitimate question. How about the May 1, 1905 document and the April 19, 1905 document. Roughly two weeks apart, but have different signatures, different handwriting and both from... more
        • Re: adding upDaniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 10:02am
          What documents exactly? Dan
          • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 10:13am
            They are in the "Leaving Cholila" article April 19, 1905 note from Ryan asking Clarke to give order to Dan Gibbon May 1, 1905 Ryan assigned 285.44 peso debt to his friend Dan Gibbon
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