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Daniel Buck
Re: Correct Dan
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:00am

That is the case in most families. I had an aunt who converted all her nephew's names into some sort of Latinate language, Josef, Roberto, Lorenzo, and so on.

Signatures are the same. Not only do signatures vary with the occasion, check, mortgage application, birthday card, etc., the name does as well, name with middle initial, name with no middle initial, short version of first name with last name, etc.

None of this is surprising or rocket science. Dan

PS This question comes up repeatedly with William Ellsworth Lay, Elzy, Elza, Ezra, or what? Harv in his letters to me referred to him as Elzy and Elza. I finally concluded they were all versions of Ellsworth, so pick either Elzy or Elza, the two most common versions, and run with it.

  • Correct DanPat, Wed Nov 29 9:44am
    Or should I say D J Buck .On this forum alone we have V G Garcia, P.H.Schroeder, Ghost Town Bob, and a slew of nicknames . I have always used P.H. everywhere and especially legal documents. On FB you ... more
    • Re: Correct Dan — Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 10:00am
    • Don't forget Helen ShepherdChrisV, Wed Nov 29 9:51am
      Im sure your daughter goes by Moose on government documents right?
      • Well ChrisPat, Wed Nov 29 11:34am
        Since you have no clue as to who I am or was I will try to enlighten you if that's at all possible. Shepherd was my former married name. I legally through the courts and SS took back my former name... more
        • Re: Well ChrisChrisV, Wed Nov 29 11:43am
          Sorry to hear that your Helen S. email got hacked. Who did you say hacked it again? Sorry you feel that way about Utah.
          • It's notPat, Wed Nov 29 12:13pm
            how I feel about Utah. It's just plain facts and documents that anyone can look up. But then you aren't a genealogist either.
            • Re: It's notChrisV, Wed Nov 29 12:24pm
              "Plain facts." I Ilke that. Your "plain facts" and Dan's documents are about the same thing lol Any time you want to bet "half of Utah has one man married to numerous women with separate surnames and ... more
              • Chris give it up pleasePat, Wed Nov 29 1:15pm
                I realize you are upset with me because I refused to forward you my private emails from Dan. Then you rudely wanted me to will all my research to you when I die . LOL. Then you wanted Vince's email... more
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