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Daniel Buck
Re: adding up
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:02am

What documents exactly?


  • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 9:59am
    Dan, Im asking a legitimate question. How about the May 1, 1905 document and the April 19, 1905 document. Roughly two weeks apart, but have different signatures, different handwriting and both from... more
    • Re: adding up — Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 10:02am
      • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 10:13am
        They are in the "Leaving Cholila" article April 19, 1905 note from Ryan asking Clarke to give order to Dan Gibbon May 1, 1905 Ryan assigned 285.44 peso debt to his friend Dan Gibbon
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