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Daniel Buck
Re: adding up
Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:58pm

The two Dan Gibbon's a comparable, with some difference in the two Ds. If the handwriting was absolutely identical, that would be worthy of comment . No two specimens from the same person are going to be absolutely alike.

Here's an experiment for you. Buy an early 1900s dip pen, & ink, then write out a 30 word or so note quickly on cheap paper, then write out the same note quickly on another piece of cheap paper. Compare. They will not be identical, tho they will probably be comparable.

A second experiment. Write the note quickly in dip pen, antique fountain pen, pencil, ball point, roller-ball, etc., on cheap paper. I'll bet the notes will be comparable, but not identical in all respects. Dan

  • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 12:44pm
    Thanks for answering me. Not trying to be smart, but Id look a little harder at the handwriting overall. Look at "Dan Gibbon" in both these documents. An easy one to spot.
    • Re: adding up — Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 12:58pm
      • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 1:13pm
        Dan Sorry, but I disagree with you. Not just the D's. Look at the bb and the n. It is not the same style. With all due respect, these excuses are not going to cut it any longer. Handwriting experts,... more
        • giving up Ethel for the causeDaniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 1:38pm
          Chris, while you are at it, try my little experiment, and show the results to your friends.. I just wrote out Dan Gibbon's name several times quickly, pencil on paper. Lots of variations. Then I... more
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