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Chris give it up please
Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:15pm

I realize you are upset with me because I refused to forward you my private emails from Dan. Then you rudely wanted me to will all my research to you when I die . LOL. Then you wanted Vince's email addy so you try and get succor from him .

But on a much more concerning note I have to wonder if teaching has so drastically changed that now teachers no longer have to actually do their job. I and others wonder how you can spend every minute posting on this forum or privately all day every day when you are clearly supposed to be in the classroom. Does your school know that you are doing this? I am surprised no one has complained to the school board. But then I am so old that I can only remember teachers actually doing their jobs .

  • Re: It's notChrisV, Wed Nov 29 12:24pm
    "Plain facts." I Ilke that. Your "plain facts" and Dan's documents are about the same thing lol Any time you want to bet "half of Utah has one man married to numerous women with separate surnames and ... more
    • Chris give it up please — Pat, Wed Nov 29 1:15pm
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