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Daniel Buck
giving up Ethel for the cause
Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:38pm

while you are at it, try my little experiment, and show the results to your friends..

I just wrote out Dan Gibbon's name several times quickly, pencil on paper. Lots of variations. Then I tried "Please give Dan Gibbon all my money and Ethel too, we're done with her," several times quickly, emphasis quickly, as if dashing off a note. I hate to give up Ethel, but it's all for the cause. Lots of variations. Dan

  • Re: adding upChrisV, Wed Nov 29 1:13pm
    Dan Sorry, but I disagree with you. Not just the D's. Look at the bb and the n. It is not the same style. With all due respect, these excuses are not going to cut it any longer. Handwriting experts,... more
    • giving up Ethel for the cause — Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 29 1:38pm
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