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Mark Mszanski
Harry Place
Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:25am

Vince =

I had researched a Harry Place from NYC when doing my story on the watches - It turned out he was a resident of NYC ( Brooklyn ) as I was trying to ensure he was not our Harry A Place. I believe I found in tracking him that his middle name was not an "A" but I believe a "C" and was born in 1870. So there was no overlap between him and the Harry A. Place in the register at Tiffany which also coincided with the dates of SK"s trip to NYC in 1902 . if that helps/

  • Re: Mr and Mrs Harry PlaceVince Garcia, Tue Nov 28 4:45pm
    Yes, as you saw I posted recently. But this one coincides w/the trip to New York, and we know she would have been available to attend. And interestingly, no other women by the same name show up... more
    • Harry Place — Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 7:25am
      • Re: Harry PlaceVince Garcia, Thu Nov 30 8:30am
        It doesn't because we don't know which HP the woman was married to. Could be any HP. Unfortunately, HP isn't a really obscure name :( Now if we could by genealogy tie your HP to the couple in... more
        • Indeed Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 9:05am
          I don't have the source document your sighting but agree.
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