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Vince Garcia
Re: Harry Place
Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:30am

It doesn't because we don't know which HP the woman was married to. Could be any HP. Unfortunately, HP isn't a really obscure name :(

Now if we could by genealogy tie your HP to the couple in question, that would solve it. Or if we could find that couple had a daughter or niece named Ethel, that could also be helpful

  • Harry PlaceMark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 7:25am
    Vince = I had researched a Harry Place from NYC when doing my story on the watches - It turned out he was a resident of NYC ( Brooklyn ) as I was trying to ensure he was not our Harry A Place. I... more
    • Re: Harry Place — Vince Garcia, Thu Nov 30 8:30am
      • Indeed Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 9:05am
        I don't have the source document your sighting but agree.
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