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Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:02pm

It doesn't matter. I am done dealing with Godless Soulless people. Being a long range planner I had waited for several years now to see what would be done with what I gave Mike and others. I held back what Mike calls the good stuff. At least twice as much as what he came and got. And others waited for me to die. But at least now I have an answer to my most important questions. What to do with the rest of what I have from Thermop and or WB . And secondly if there really is a God. This one is easy. No he does not exist in any form . On the other question I will burn it all. I am done. Hope you enjoy whatever you have gained from any of this . You will never find what it is you seek.

  • Nope Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 1:33pm
    Pat I did not get it from there . The Hot Springs Museum has it via donation from the nun and her papers I believe through the priest. I had reached out to the UP Museum like 5 times to get Minnie's... more
    • Mark — Pat, Thu Nov 30 2:02pm
      • Mark Pat, Fri Dec 1 1:55pm
        Mark and all of you I have to apologize for going off the rails yesterday. I was having an utterly horrible day with everything going wrong all at once. Plus no sleep.Lots of pain. So very sorry! And ... more
        • Peace Mark Mszanski, Fri Dec 1 4:08pm
          Pat - Hope today is better for you . Sincerely,
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