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Daniel Buck
Re: Did Etta attend a anniversary party in Brooklyn in 1902?
Fri Dec 1, 2017 8:02am

Of the 239 hits on, the two decent possibilities (aside from our Harry A. Place), are Harry C. Place, b. 1875, and Harry L. Place, b. 1870, both apparently married & living in Brooklyn in the early 1900s.

  • Approximately May 8, 1902, a Mrs. Harry Place attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs W H Travis in Brooklyn, NY, a time when the couple was in the state of NY. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May ... more
    • TravisBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 1 6:15am
      Wilday H Travis of Brooklyn, NY had a daughter Ethel, age 17 in the 1905 New York Census. He lived next door to Hiram A Akerly who also has a daughter Ethel age 17.
    • Mr and Mrs Harry PlaceBob Goodwin, Tue Nov 28 4:38pm
      Vince, There is also: Mr and Mrs Harry Place of San Diego in the papers from 1898 to 1913. Mr and Mrs Harry Place of Burlington and Montpelier, VT 1900 to 1910 Mr and Mrs Harry Place of Belding,... more
      • Re: Mr and Mrs Harry PlaceVince Garcia, Tue Nov 28 4:45pm
        Yes, as you saw I posted recently. But this one coincides w/the trip to New York, and we know she would have been available to attend. And interestingly, no other women by the same name show up... more
        • Harry PlaceMark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 7:25am
          Vince = I had researched a Harry Place from NYC when doing my story on the watches - It turned out he was a resident of NYC ( Brooklyn ) as I was trying to ensure he was not our Harry A Place. I... more
          • Re: Harry PlaceVince Garcia, Thu Nov 30 8:30am
            It doesn't because we don't know which HP the woman was married to. Could be any HP. Unfortunately, HP isn't a really obscure name :( Now if we could by genealogy tie your HP to the couple in... more
            • Indeed Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 9:05am
              I don't have the source document your sighting but agree.
        • Re: Mr and Mrs Harry PlaceChrisV, Tue Nov 28 6:39pm
          Right place, right time. Id investigate who the couple was. Congrats
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