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Fri Dec 1, 2017 1:55pm

Mark and all of you I have to apologize for going off the rails yesterday. I was having an utterly horrible day with everything going wrong all at once. Plus no sleep.Lots of pain. So very sorry!

And thanks Dan for scraping me down off the ceiling. :)

  • MarkPat, Thu Nov 30 2:02pm
    It doesn't matter. I am done dealing with Godless Soulless people. Being a long range planner I had waited for several years now to see what would be done with what I gave Mike and others. I held... more
    • Mark — Pat, Fri Dec 1 1:55pm
      • Peace Mark Mszanski, Fri Dec 1 4:08pm
        Pat - Hope today is better for you . Sincerely,
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