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The $3546 Question
Fri Dec 1, 2017 5:02pm

Patterson's account of the May 16, 1902 $3546 check is different than Bucks. Which one is correct?

Patterson says The Places cashed a check in NYC on May 16, 1902 from Bottaro that was dated April 2, 1902 and that it came from Argentina.(pg 197 I think) Why would the Places need $100,000 in todays money with three weeks left of their US trip. Why would the be receiving this money?

Buck says that Botaro cashed a check from Butch for that amount and that it was taken out of the London and River account. (pg 41) How can Butch write checks if the account is under Harry A. Place?

Am I not reading this right? Patterson says that the Places receive money, but Buck says Butch is subtracting money. Both come from the Dimaio report, so only one can be correct.

    • Bottaro confusionMark Mszanski, Wed Dec 6 7:35pm
      Chris - Good Question . A few thoughts. There was not three weeks left in their 1902 trip. The Places arrived on the Student Prince in April 1902 and departed in July of 1902 from Brooklyn on the... more
    • Re: The $3546 QuestionChrisV, Fri Dec 1 5:30pm
      Brett just corrected me. Its Pointer not Patterson. Im out of town and going from memory. Sorry
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