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Bob Goodwin
Sat Dec 2, 2017 11:27am

So you are saying that by June 11th Sundance is spotted at Thermopolis and the Anderson hog far along with Logan. They then go to Montana to split the loot, I guess their share with Bob lee and Lonnie Logan.

Then you say that Sundance, along with Logan go back through Thermopolis and then drive 13 horses down to/through Browns Hole . Which of the two would you say Isom Dart was talking about when he mentions someone driving horses through the Hole? That person intimates that he was one of the Wilcox robbers.

From there, you are saying that the duo ended up in Cortez Colorado with the horses. Are these the men Siringo says he was trailing through Utah, Hhanksville and then into Colorado? They then disappear into the east.

Where does Frank Scramble fit into this narrative?

  • Re: Sundance after WilcoxVince Garcia, Thu Nov 30 3:32am
    It's always dangerous to use the word :"know" But I think we have good attestation by Frackelton's report that he wound up at the Thermop. area and Anderson's. Then there's that weird tale about SD... more
    • Freckleton — Bob Goodwin, Sat Dec 2 11:27am
      • Re: FreckletonVince Garcia, Tue Dec 5 7:44am
        I can't absolutely say they did the split in MT. They could have done it in Wyoming. That view comes from probably Smokov, whose word i generally accept on Logan On the 11th they rejoin and are still ... more
        • Frank ScrambleBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 5 3:34pm
          Vince, I know we discussed Frank Scramble a while back, but I don't think any firm conclusions were made. Dan indicated that it may have been William Webb that put the words Frank Scramble in... more
          • Re: Frank ScrambleVince Garcia, Wed Dec 6 10:04am
            No description that that I know of. But--going by Lee's claims as smokov writes-- "he said he knew a second robber as frank scramble who had escaped jail with harvey logan and a mulatto prisoner in... more
    • 1899 to 1900 for SKMark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 7:04am
      Bob and Vince - Tracking SK in 1899 and 1900 is a curious subject. For many of us. Maybe for researchers trying to nail down how he met EP and exactly where to my mind. Vince - You bring up some... more
      • Mark this is interestingPat, Thu Nov 30 10:37am
        I have never given up on Minnie Brown. In 1911 she did make a trip to MT as her brother Miller had been arrested and put in prison there.Miller and Minnie were in Buffalo ,WY in 1900.Miller had... more
        • AddingMark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 12:14pm
          The letter was found among the belongings of a nun who was a friend and doing research on Wyoming and Outlaws . I believe you know who this was. It is believed that Minnie was convinced to come clean ... more
          • It's amazingPat, Thu Nov 30 12:31pm
            I had found reference to the mss you speak of by Sister Norena Krass . Her brother was the priest in Thermop and she summered there. It took me 11 years to finally locate her original thesis in... more
            • Nope Mark Mszanski, Thu Nov 30 1:33pm
              Pat I did not get it from there . The Hot Springs Museum has it via donation from the nun and her papers I believe through the priest. I had reached out to the UP Museum like 5 times to get Minnie's... more
              • MarkPat, Thu Nov 30 2:02pm
                It doesn't matter. I am done dealing with Godless Soulless people. Being a long range planner I had waited for several years now to see what would be done with what I gave Mike and others. I held... more
                • Mark Pat, Fri Dec 1 1:55pm
                  Mark and all of you I have to apologize for going off the rails yesterday. I was having an utterly horrible day with everything going wrong all at once. Plus no sleep.Lots of pain. So very sorry! And ... more
                  • Peace Mark Mszanski, Fri Dec 1 4:08pm
                    Pat - Hope today is better for you . Sincerely,
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