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Johnson County War
Sun Dec 3, 2017 5:34am

Vince- The Johnson County War occurred in 1892. There are several books that cover it. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Wild Bunch!

  • Johnson County War mini seriesVince Garcia, Sun Dec 3 4:12am
    MPLEX network is showing some kind of mini series from 2002. Never heard of it before. Came in after an hour of it and have started watching it. Anyone seen it before? Any good? Does it show any of... more
    • Johnson County War — Anonymous, Sun Dec 3 5:34am
      • Re: Johnson County WarVince Garcia, Sun Dec 3 1:02pm
        Colin, you should know by the question I mean does it feature any historical personalities in the film who would eventually be members of the gang, which obviously wasn't called that until years... more
        • JCWColin Taylor, Sun Dec 3 6:03pm
          Vince- What I was saying was---None of the Wild Bunch were in Wyoming this early. While the JCW encommenced more than Johnson County, it all happened in Wyoming. There are a number of pretty good... more
          • Re: JCWVince Garcia, Mon Dec 4 2:25am
            Pat beat me to it, but I was going to point out Butch was working for the 2 bar and other ranches in 1891. Then, of course, he's arrested in 1892 so he's definitely in Wyoming during the strife,... more
            • VincePat, Mon Dec 4 9:58am
              Butch was not working for the 2Bar in 1891. He was in Lost Cabin and BHB .There is a lot of documentation on it. He had his own little cattle /horse herd and was also working at the Padlock on Owl... more
              • More Pat, Mon Dec 4 10:04am
                Let's not forget Armento who was a notorious cattle and horse thief (1880 to 1900) and hung with Butch and others at Lost Cabin and Lander. He is even with Butch at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo.... more
          • Sorry to say Pat, Sun Dec 3 7:03pm
            Colin that's not correct. Butch was in Big Horn Basin by at least 1889. Flat Nose Curry was in JC much earlier where he ranched near HIW. In fact the HIW gang was known at that time.We also have... more
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