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Vince Garcia
Re: Freckleton
Tue Dec 5, 2017 7:44am

I can't absolutely say they did the split in MT. They could have done it in Wyoming. That view comes from probably Smokov, whose word i generally accept on Logan

On the 11th they rejoin and are still on the run. They get to Anderson's sometime soon after that, apparently.

The horse story I don't understand. And I don't think everyone believes SD was one of the guys driving them

Why successful train robbers flush w/cash would be driving horses all around the country I have no idea. Someone will have to explain that to me. But the story is out there and I repeat it because it is a part of the lore.

I think it's claimed Dart spoke to Logan when he spotted the horses, but again that story overall makes no sense to me. .

IF it was SD and IF the horses ended up in Colorado, SD may have then have laid low w/his cousin, a logical next step. That's just speculation, not a claim

As you note, Siringo claimed he tracked the riders into Colorado, and lost them, and I suppose they could have gone anywhere. I'm just guessing.

What I'm not guessing about is that SD seems to end up in NM at some point since we have at least 3 attestations to my recollection that he does: The kid who learned to shoot, Cunningham, and French.

That he used the name Frank Scramble--though technically we don't know who used it--would seem by default to go to SD since it wouldn't be Logan (whom lee knew, and whom Lee was already ratting out) and "frank Scramble" indicated the "mulatto" who broke jail in Belle Fourche was one of the robbers. This sounds like knowledge SD would know, and as I have discovered when I researched whether the Currie Gang could have been involved at Springville, there were accounts claiming Bill Moore was robbing with them in Utah in early 1898, suggesting Moore kept up ties w/the Currie gang who did the Wilcox robbery.

So since tradition has long dubbed SD "Frank Scramble" and there seems to be some circumstantial evidence for it, it seems best option to continue the tradition unless we have another viable candidate w/some proof for it

  • FreckletonBob Goodwin, Sat Dec 2 11:27am
    So you are saying that by June 11th Sundance is spotted at Thermopolis and the Anderson hog far along with Logan. They then go to Montana to split the loot, I guess their share with Bob lee and... more
    • Re: Freckleton — Vince Garcia, Tue Dec 5 7:44am
      • Frank ScrambleBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 5 3:34pm
        Vince, I know we discussed Frank Scramble a while back, but I don't think any firm conclusions were made. Dan indicated that it may have been William Webb that put the words Frank Scramble in... more
        • Re: Frank ScrambleVince Garcia, Wed Dec 6 10:04am
          No description that that I know of. But--going by Lee's claims as smokov writes-- "he said he knew a second robber as frank scramble who had escaped jail with harvey logan and a mulatto prisoner in... more
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