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Bob Goodwin
Frank Scramble
Tue Dec 5, 2017 3:34pm

Vince, I know we discussed Frank Scramble a while back, but I don't think any firm conclusions were made. Dan indicated that it may have been William Webb that put the words Frank Scramble in Cunningham's mouth. I'm going by memory here.

Do we have a description of Scramble?

  • Re: FreckletonVince Garcia, Tue Dec 5 7:44am
    I can't absolutely say they did the split in MT. They could have done it in Wyoming. That view comes from probably Smokov, whose word i generally accept on Logan On the 11th they rejoin and are still ... more
    • Frank Scramble — Bob Goodwin, Tue Dec 5 3:34pm
      • Re: Frank ScrambleVince Garcia, Wed Dec 6 10:04am
        No description that that I know of. But--going by Lee's claims as smokov writes-- "he said he knew a second robber as frank scramble who had escaped jail with harvey logan and a mulatto prisoner in... more
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