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Re: Frackleton
Tue Dec 5, 2017 6:55pm

Will Frackelton was a storyteller and wanted to make himself famous. He was born in 1870 in Milwaukee, Wi . Graduated Dental school and practised there until 1893. He then made his way to Sheridan ,WY where he opened a practice. He made wild claims while in Sheridan about the Belle Fourche robbery June 1897 .But he had to have read about it later because he had left in early spring 1897 for Alaska where he was until late fall of that year.

His one and only book was written in 1941 by Herman Gastell Seeley . Frackelton related events and stories to Seeley.
One was a story of Tom O'Day who was at Andersonville and convinced Will that the others at the bar were Butch, Logan et al. None of it was true and of course Will had heard stories while in the area. Tom like to play jokes on visitors.

From Frackelton's diaries and many stories most are suspect and fabrications from stories he had heard or read about. Or were embellished by Seely.

In any sase the book was debunked long ago.

  • FrackletonBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 5 3:31pm
    Pat, So you are saying that Frackleton didn't know what he was talking about, and he made most of it up. Also that Logan and Currie came through Andersonville and Old Thermop. but not Sundance? If... more
    • Dr. Will FrackeltonMark Mszanski, Wed Dec 6 8:39am
      I have read the passage again . I believe Dr. Frackelton is accurate in whom he is meeting with . He bumps into the WB and encounters - Sundance, Butch , Tom Oday and ( The Perry Boys ???) and... more
      • The Perry Boys?Mark Mszanski, Thu Dec 7 6:10am
        The question for all is who does Dr. Will Frackelton think the Perry Boys are? - Is this the Logans? Sincerely,
        • Re: The Perry Boys?Vince Garcia, Thu Dec 7 5:16pm
          Can't be the Logans. He met Harvey as Harvey, Lonie wasn't there but was at Thornhill's. I've heard it speculated one of the Perrys might have been the dynamite man at Tipton.
          • Yet another Mystery Mark Mszanski, Thu Dec 7 7:46pm
            Vince - Kind of funny as he speaks of them as if everyone should know who they are - " Oh of course , The Perry Brothers" . Sincerely,
    • Re: Frackleton — Pat, Tue Dec 5 6:55pm
      • Seeley was his brother in law Mark, Tue Dec 5 10:18pm
        Pat. I find your interpretation Off. The dentist used his relative to help me pen the book. Tom O’Day did not convince frackelton that the guys at the bar were Butch and Sundance and Logan. That’s... more
        • Re: Seeley was his brother in law Anonymous, Tue Dec 5 10:36pm
          His brother in law recorded Will Frackelton ‘s memoirs as told to him. What is great about the book is that it is published in 1947 as the first revised edition and very little exists of interaction... more
          • Re: Seeley was his brother in law Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 6 2:47am
            And he correctly--in opposition to what the public would have believed had they not seen the actual men in person interacting with the gang--that Logan was more the dominant personality and planner,... more
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