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Seeley was his brother in law
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:18pm

Pat. I find your interpretation Off. The dentist used his relative to help me pen the book. Tom O’Day did not convince frackelton that the guys at the bar were Butch and Sundance and Logan. That’s not what happened. He became acquainted with them because there was a shooting competition going on and they had all been drinking and challenging each other. He was considered to be harmless and hung out with them at the big ranch after. Dr Frackleton brought his gun with him as he wanted to try it out and join the competition.

  • Re: FrackletonPat, Tue Dec 5 6:55pm
    Will Frackelton was a storyteller and wanted to make himself famous. He was born in 1870 in Milwaukee, Wi . Graduated Dental school and practised there until 1893. He then made his way to Sheridan... more
    • Seeley was his brother in law — Mark, Tue Dec 5 10:18pm
      • Re: Seeley was his brother in law Anonymous, Tue Dec 5 10:36pm
        His brother in law recorded Will Frackelton ‘s memoirs as told to him. What is great about the book is that it is published in 1947 as the first revised edition and very little exists of interaction... more
        • Re: Seeley was his brother in law Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 6 2:47am
          And he correctly--in opposition to what the public would have believed had they not seen the actual men in person interacting with the gang--that Logan was more the dominant personality and planner,... more
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