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Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:38pm

Frackelton spent all his time in Sheridan prior to early spring 1897 when he went to Alaska to seek gold.. Sundance was in MT and Canada and back in MT in the years prior to the Belle Fourche robbery June 1897. So he would not have met SD . As to his trip in 1900 to Andersonville by the time he got there Logan and others were gone. There is more info in diaries and other accounts from those who went on the trip with him or on the way back. The book was written 4 decades after and is exaggerated . It was fiction for the most part. Except for O'Day who had a good time scaring poor Will . I read and researched it many years ago.

  • Sundance Encounter Mark, Tue Dec 5 10:10pm
    Your saying that account and dialogue between Longabaugh and frackelton is not true ? I find it hard to believe that passage in his bio would be made up. He works in the town as the dentist. Just... more
    • Mark — Pat, Tue Dec 5 10:38pm
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