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Re: Andersonville
Wed Dec 6, 2017 7:30am

Bob , Flat Nose George Currie did not go to Andersonville. He headed west as you know . Who was with Harvey Logan when he went northwest to Andersonville.? Could have been Harvey Rey, Tom O'Day, Curley Harris who was in on the robbery but who no one ever mentions, or any number of players. But it was not Sundance nor Butch.

I can't tell you where Sundance went. Only where he didn't go . Perhaps he went to AZ with Butch.
I'm sure you and Vince will figure it out for the rest of us.

  • AndersonvilleBob Goodwin, Wed Dec 6 6:17am
    So Currie and Curry both went through Andersonville and Old Thermopolis after the Wilcox robbery. Was there another person/robber with them? If Sundance was not with them, where did he go? Did he... more
    • Re: Andersonville — Pat, Wed Dec 6 7:30am
      • The moneyBob Goodwin, Thu Dec 7 4:24pm
        So Sundance apparently was not at Andersonville, or at least did not come with Logan and the others. I am still puzzled as to how Bob Lee got some of the Wilcox money. He said that the man he knew as ... more
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