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Mark Mszanski
Bottaro confusion
Wed Dec 6, 2017 7:35pm

Chris -

Good Question . A few thoughts.

There was not three weeks left in their 1902 trip. The Places arrived on the Student Prince in April 1902 and departed in July of 1902 from Brooklyn on the Honorius as crew. Per my article, they are possibly out of money or saving money to go back to SOAM for no wages paid. A May 1902 memo from the Pinkerton National Detective Agency states that they visited a Hospital while on the trip. Various authors have them as far as Chicago and also Atlantic City to visit Harry Longabaugh's brother and sisters. I checked Ancestry and spoke with a few of his relatives. It appears his oldest brother had a construction job building the Boardwalk in New Jersey on the shore at the time. If the Places went to a Hospital they may have had to pay in cash for services rendered depending on the type of operation or maybe due to their not wanting to be outed. Logic states that one or the other had to also recover from the operation if it was really invasive. As well, who knows who they had to grease or how they lived. One could blow 100k in Manhattan over a three month period with no problem-- even at that time.

I agree - The check explanation is at best confusing to anyone trying to interpret what happened. Did Bottaro cash a check on behalf of the Places and Cassidy or did Botarro "make a check" out to the Places ? - Quite a bit of $$ by any stretch .

  • The $3546 QuestionChrisV, Fri Dec 1 5:02pm
    Patterson's account of the May 16, 1902 $3546 check is different than Bucks. Which one is correct? Patterson says The Places cashed a check in NYC on May 16, 1902 from Bottaro that was dated April 2, ... more
    • Bottaro confusion — Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 6 7:35pm
    • Re: The $3546 QuestionChrisV, Fri Dec 1 5:30pm
      Brett just corrected me. Its Pointer not Patterson. Im out of town and going from memory. Sorry
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