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Wayne Kindred
Article Photos
Thu Dec 7, 2017 10:46am

I recently came across this site and noticed that a few of my articles have been discussed. One article mentioned was the 1999 WOLA article, THE WILCOX ROBBERY: WHO DID IT? I would like to clear up a few things about that article. When the article was submitted, I did not include any photos. My understanding was that I would submit photos later if the article was accepted. I did not hear anything more from editor Chuck Hornung before the article was published. The photos for that article were neither supplied nor approved by me. They were added by Mr. Hornung or someone at WOLA. Anyone viewing the article can see that none of the photos were credited to me. While I am fully responsible for the written article, I hope the article will not be judged by the questionable photos.

Wayne Kindred

    • WaynePat, Thu Dec 7 1:09pm
      Do you still think Logan was not in on the Parachute robbery?
      • LoganWayne Kindred, Thu Dec 7 5:26pm
        Pat, I believe Logan was involved in the robbery and that he killed himself to keep from being captured. However, there may be recent research that I am not aware of on this subject. Wayne
        • Thank you sir. Pat, Thu Dec 7 6:23pm
          My kinfolk are from your neck of the woods before 1800. You may recognize the name John McGehee (library in Knoxville).Another ancestor there also prior to 1800 was Tucker. They went on to west TN by ... more
          • Re: Thank you sir.Wayne Kindred, Thu Dec 7 7:39pm
            I have spent many hours at the Lawson McGhee Library pouring over old newspaper microfilm.
          • Lawson McGheeAnonymous, Thu Dec 7 7:35pm
            I have spent many hours at the Lawson McGhee Library pouring over old newspaper microfilm. Wayne
        • Re: LoganDaniel Buck, Thu Dec 7 6:06pm
          Wayne, More recent research supports the idea that Harvey Logan committed suicide at Parachute. Below is an excerpt from an email I sent last June to a researcher, which quotes something I sent in... more
          • Re: LoganBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 8 9:48am
            This has been discussed several times before here o the forum, but with no definite conclusion. Logan Believers tout their evidence. Logan deniers tout theirs. The jailers in Knoxville identified the ... more
            • Re: LoganDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 8 1:06pm
              Bob, See my tally in my post below below re yes, no, & undecided. What is the basis for saying Lowell Spence was "already biased" before he arrived in Glennwood Springs and that he "coerced" the... more
            • Bob thanks for this. True on ya! (nm)Pat, Fri Dec 8 12:02pm
          • Re: LoganVince Garcia, Thu Dec 7 6:25pm
            There is still one little wrench that may be thrown into the works on this, my discovery of one man who claimed to have known Logan for years and talked about his "blue" eyes and how they contrasted... more
            • Maybe I can help.Wayne Kindred, Thu Dec 7 7:52pm
              This description was published in the Knoxville Sentinel on December 14, 1901, after Logan was arrested for shooting the policemen. It was provided by Lillie Sartin, the prostitute that Logan stayed... more
              • Re: Maybe I can help.Daniel Buck, Fri Dec 8 12:52pm
                Wayne, hmm, one more vote for brown eyes. The tooth business is confounding. One report from Knoxville had it that Logan was missing an upper and a lower tooth, another said only a lower tooth was... more
                • Maybe Wm Pinkerton can help.Bob Goodwin, Sat Dec 9 7:04am
                  Dan, Interesting list. In my reply earlier, I was writing from memory, which is not as good as it should be, and mentioned that Spence may have coerced the Knoxville authorities. I miss-remembered.... more
                  • Re: Maybe Wm Pinkerton can help.Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 9 11:08am
                    Thanks Bob for the 9 July 1904 letter. This adds even more texture to an already textured narrative. The Pinkertons' Denver office -- I'm guessing that means agents Murray & Fraser -- think the dead... more
                  • Re: Maybe Wm Pinkerton can helpWayne Kindred, Sat Dec 9 10:52am
                    Bob, I donít think John C. Houk was a tainted witnesses in any way. Houk faithfully represented Logan throughout his trial and up until he escaped. In Loganís writings after his escape, now located... more
                  • Re: Maybe Wm Pinkerton can help.Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 9 8:47am
                    Bob, A special prosecutor might be dangerous. We'd all be targets, & have to flee to Switzerland. Switzerland, come to think of it is not a bad idea. As opposed to the state of affairs here, only the ... more
                • correctionDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 8 1:13pm
                  Correction: the communication from William Pinkerton to Robert Pinkerton was a 9 July 1904 memorandum, not a 7 July 1904 telegram. Dan
                  • PinkertonMark Mszanski, Fri Dec 8 1:44pm
                    Based upon history , Pinkerton was skeptical of Logan and BC/SK Deaths - Maybe the more outlaws that were alive was better for business - Dig em up if you have too !! But get those guys and gals back ... more
              • PossibilityPat, Fri Dec 8 9:22am
                Wayne thanks for that description.I never saw that he had a missing front tooth which should have been noted in the autopsy but wasn't. I have long considered that the dead man was Cruzan. He looked... more
                • re: possiblyBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 8 10:03am
                  Thanks, Pat, yea I neglected the missing front tooth in my description. As you pointed out there are other possibilities as to who the dead outlaw was other than Harvey Logan or Tap Duncan. Cruzan is ... more
              • Re: Maybe I can help.Daniel Buc, Fri Dec 8 5:11am
                Wayne, There's also this: the 5 August 1901 Pinkerton wanted circular includes, from Harvey Logan's decription, "EYES, dark." The 4 February 1907 Spanish-language, Pinkerton circular, post-Villa... more
              • Re: Maybe I can help.Vince Garcia, Fri Dec 8 3:15am
                That's the first i ever saw. thx much
                • Re: Maybe I can help.Daniel Buck, Fri Dec 8 8:25am
                  Vice, Also, just saw this in my Spring 1997 WOLA JOURNAL article, "New Revelations about Harvey Logan: Tap Duncan Wasn't Killed." On 11 July 1904 the Denver Post published a synopsis of various... more
            • Re: LoganVince Garcia, Thu Dec 7 6:27pm
              Oops--hit post too fast. My point was, I'd love an eye color description from more sources to confirm his eye color
    • Re: Article PhotosDaniel Buck, Thu Dec 7 10:55am
      Wayne, Thanks for posting. More importantly, welcome back. Dan PS For the younger OWR readers, back in the 1990s up into the early 2000s, Wayne was a prolific Wild Bunch researcher and writer.
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