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Bob Goodwin
Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:00pm

According to Siringo bills also turned up in Norhern Montana, and Hanksvillie, Utah (Robbers Roost area). Siringo was fuzzy on the rest, he was either following two men with 13 horses, or Wilcox money through SW Colorado, most notably Mancos or Durango, Pagosa Springs. Pueblo area. and further east to Tennessee. How much was passed in any of those places is unknown. When Siringo reached Pueblo, Saylor was called north to Montana on the trail of other Wilcox money. Then there is that story of Butch meeting with Will Simpson and having Wilcox loot with him. Dan mentioned Alma, and Silver City, New Mexico. So it looks like the money was spread over a wide area.

According to Mark's research, some of the jewelry and watches ended up in Minnie Brown's possession.

  • Vince, my scribbled annotation in Patterson (1998) is that the Wilcox loot was either $3,400, 36,000, or $50,000 (or more), plus assorted valuables. I must have pulled those numbers from a variety of ... more
    • + Bob Lee and Lonie Curry had some, of course. But the typical belief is that the take was in the neighborhood of 50 k; and the robbers were observed making two trips each to their horses with cash... more
      • The reward PostersBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:27pm
        Vince, the Reward poster issued in Jan 1900 listed the the currency serial numbers. It also mentioned . . . well here is the quote: "Louis Curry was proprietor if the 'Club Saloon' at Harlen,... more
        • Re: The reward PostersVince Garcia, Tue Dec 19 2:32pm
          oh, excellent. I have never seen the poster that i recall. Maybe i have and forgot $4500 is a little under what the Pinkerton agent claimed, but they also got some notes from the bank of Logan. That... more
          • The LootBob Goodwin, Wed Dec 20 5:44am
            Vince, that is why there are persistent stories that they stashed some of the loot somewhere which has never been found. You may be interested in the "Denver Rocky Mountain News" article of 5 March... more
          • The LootBob Goodwin, Wed Dec 20 5:29am
            Vince, that is why there are persistent stories that they stashed some of the loot somewhere which has never been found.
            • Give it up you two. Pat, Wed Dec 20 2:53pm
              Don't you have anything better to do?
              • Re: Give it up you two. Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 3:00pm
                We're getting to the details of history, which is a good way to spend our time
                • question for Vince and BobMark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 3:28pm
                  Are there details on Jewelry or is what is published just a general statement ? - Are we as well to assume what was taken was not from passengers? thanks
                  • Re: question for Vince and BobVince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 4:34pm
                    There were reports of jewelry and diamonds in the newspapers, and Pat thinks Elza Lay got jewelry from the robbery
                    • JewelryPat, Wed Dec 20 9:53pm
                      While in Shoshoni Elzy was a snappy dresser and wore a diamond stick pin and a large diamond ring.
                    • Possible Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 4:56pm
                      Vince - Was Elzy in the robbery? - He was in Themop post jail in 1906 and got married there as I recall - I don't believe he stayed long - Opened up a bar according to the newspapers in Thermop - But ... more
    • re — Bob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:00pm
      • Re: reVince Garcia, Tue Dec 19 1:32pm
        I'm aware of some of these claims, but using your word, there seems to be some fuzziness on how much, which you note. I dare say the amounts weren't significant (or they would have been noted),... more
      • George Currie moneyBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:10pm
        I forgot to add that after George Currie was killed in 1900, and before Sheriffs Tyler and Jenkns were killed, Logan and his companions according to reports were asking around Thompsons and Price,... more
        • Re: George Currie moneyVince Garcia, Tue Dec 19 1:26pm
          right--which we were talking about when they were planning the show. But I was thinking that was gold rather than bills.
          • re:Bob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:34pm
            I don't think it was determined if it was gold or currency.
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