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Bob Goodwin
George Currie money
Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:10pm

I forgot to add that after George Currie was killed in 1900, and before Sheriffs Tyler and Jenkns were killed, Logan and his companions according to reports were asking around Thompsons and Price, Utah about Currie and where he may have hidden his money.

  • reBob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:00pm
    Vince, According to Siringo bills also turned up in Norhern Montana, and Hanksvillie, Utah (Robbers Roost area). Siringo was fuzzy on the rest, he was either following two men with 13 horses, or... more
    • Re: reVince Garcia, Tue Dec 19 1:32pm
      I'm aware of some of these claims, but using your word, there seems to be some fuzziness on how much, which you note. I dare say the amounts weren't significant (or they would have been noted),... more
    • George Currie money — Bob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:10pm
      • Re: George Currie moneyVince Garcia, Tue Dec 19 1:26pm
        right--which we were talking about when they were planning the show. But I was thinking that was gold rather than bills.
        • re:Bob Goodwin, Tue Dec 19 1:34pm
          I don't think it was determined if it was gold or currency.
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