Mark Mszanski
question for Vince and Bob
Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:28pm

Are there details on Jewelry or is what is published just a general statement ? -

Are we as well to assume what was taken was not from passengers?


  • Re: Give it up you two. Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 3:00pm
    We're getting to the details of history, which is a good way to spend our time
    • question for Vince and Bob — Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 3:28pm
      • Re: question for Vince and BobVince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 4:34pm
        There were reports of jewelry and diamonds in the newspapers, and Pat thinks Elza Lay got jewelry from the robbery
        • JewelryPat, Wed Dec 20 9:53pm
          While in Shoshoni Elzy was a snappy dresser and wore a diamond stick pin and a large diamond ring.
        • Possible Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 4:56pm
          Vince - Was Elzy in the robbery? - He was in Themop post jail in 1906 and got married there as I recall - I don't believe he stayed long - Opened up a bar according to the newspapers in Thermop - But ... more
          • For the hundredth timePat, Wed Dec 20 9:50pm
            Elzy was in NM and a little busy with another train robbery . He was in prison in by 1900. He got out in 1906. Came up to Baggs with George Musgrave and a bunch of money he retrieved from somewhere... more
            • re: the hundredth timeBob Goodwin, Thu Dec 21 5:57am
              I agree with Pat. Lay was nowhere close to the Wilcox robbery. He was busy in Cimarron, Ne Mexico with Sam Ketchum, Will Carver, Red Weaver, and probably Joe chancellor planning the Folsom robbery.... more
              • Bob, let's choke this chickenPat, Thu Dec 21 9:02am
                As many of you know Bob and I have worked privately for many many years. Hopefully some day he will publish it all. And today let's blow up some myths . There was no Wild Bunch per se. That was... more
                • Robert and Harry were long-time friendsBrian Mida Bleecker, Thu Dec 21 7:03pm
                  Pat, The New Evidence proves that Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh were close associates by June of 1889. They likely met in 1885 or 1886 in Southwest Colorado, while Harry lived and worked at his... more
                  • No ProofBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 22 5:57am
                    Brian, "New Evidence" is no proof at all, just that two random men had their picture taken together in the late 1800s. Nothing on the photo or where it was found gives evidence other than that. Now... more
                    • Re: No ProofDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 22 1:21pm
                      Bob, as well, the idea that Cassidy and Longabaugh might have met in the 1880s is not "new evidence" either. Donna Ernst first raised the idea 25 years ago, in Sundance My Uncle (1992) and repeated... more
          • Re: Possible Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 5:48pm
            There is a debate as to whether he was, or in NM. I believe he may have been on the periphery of the robbery, but not at the train itself. IOW, in the group that hid out at the Burnaugh ranch. No... more
            • slept threw it ? Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 7:38pm
              Vince - Agreed - A little strange - " Oh its just the Wild Bunch , Don't worry--- all they will hit is the safe " - "Go back to sleep Dorothy " The Tipton inventory as an example , ( maybe 30 watches ... more
              • Re: slept threw it ? Vince Garcia, Thu Dec 21 3:23am
                No, watches seem to have been shipped regularly for some reason. They didn't rob passengers, though the dynamite man at Wilcox said he wanted to (but had no time)
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