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Mark Mszanski
slept threw it ?
Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:38pm

Vince -

Agreed - A little strange -

" Oh its just the Wild Bunch , Don't worry--- all they will hit is the safe " - "Go back to sleep Dorothy "

The Tipton inventory as an example , ( maybe 30 watches ) its seems some of those watches should have been passenger watches?

Maybe as long as they were not taking booty directly from those folks they thought they were doing right by them .

  • Re: Possible Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 20 5:48pm
    There is a debate as to whether he was, or in NM. I believe he may have been on the periphery of the robbery, but not at the train itself. IOW, in the group that hid out at the Burnaugh ranch. No... more
    • slept threw it ? — Mark Mszanski, Wed Dec 20 7:38pm
      • Re: slept threw it ? Vince Garcia, Thu Dec 21 3:23am
        No, watches seem to have been shipped regularly for some reason. They didn't rob passengers, though the dynamite man at Wilcox said he wanted to (but had no time)
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