Bob Goodwin
re: the hundredth time
Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:57am

I agree with Pat. Lay was nowhere close to the Wilcox robbery. He was busy in Cimarron, Ne Mexico with Sam Ketchum, Will Carver, Red Weaver, and probably Joe chancellor planning the Folsom robbery. The Watches and Jewelry that Lay had later were probably from that robbery and not from Wilcox. As Pat says, by 1900 he was in prison.

Now I know that Cunningham implies in his stories that Lay somehow Lay got his hands on some of the Folsom loot before he left New Mexico. How did he know where that was at? Someone must have shown him, or came and gave it to him, because it had been moved from Northeast New Mexico to somewhere South of Alma and Silver City. But he did get his hands on some of it. Then in Wyoming he seems to know where to look for the rest of the Montpelier loot. It had been moved also. He must not have gotten all of either stash since he had to work for a living after he moved to California.

  • For the hundredth timePat, Wed Dec 20 9:50pm
    Elzy was in NM and a little busy with another train robbery . He was in prison in by 1900. He got out in 1906. Came up to Baggs with George Musgrave and a bunch of money he retrieved from somewhere... more
    • re: the hundredth time — Bob Goodwin, Thu Dec 21 5:57am
      • Bob, let's choke this chickenPat, Thu Dec 21 9:02am
        As many of you know Bob and I have worked privately for many many years. Hopefully some day he will publish it all. And today let's blow up some myths . There was no Wild Bunch per se. That was... more
        • Robert and Harry were long-time friendsBrian Mida Bleecker, Thu Dec 21 7:03pm
          Pat, The New Evidence proves that Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh were close associates by June of 1889. They likely met in 1885 or 1886 in Southwest Colorado, while Harry lived and worked at his... more
          • No ProofBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 22 5:57am
            Brian, "New Evidence" is no proof at all, just that two random men had their picture taken together in the late 1800s. Nothing on the photo or where it was found gives evidence other than that. Now... more
            • Re: No ProofDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 22 1:21pm
              Bob, as well, the idea that Cassidy and Longabaugh might have met in the 1880s is not "new evidence" either. Donna Ernst first raised the idea 25 years ago, in Sundance My Uncle (1992) and repeated... more
              • Re: No ProofVince Garcia, Fri Dec 22 5:46pm
                "None of this, as you point out, has any real bearing on Brian Meda Bleecker's photograph, which anyone this side of Helen Keller can tell does not depict Cassidy and Sundance. Dan" Haha, for some... more
              • Crook County not Cook.Pat, Fri Dec 22 2:54pm
                Crook Co is in extreme northeast WY on Mt border. Butch was in Fremont Co hundreds of miles away in 1888 .Tax records prove where Butch was at.
                • Re: Crook County not Cook.Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 23 10:39am
                  Par, thanks, that was my typo. Is the Fremont tax record 1889 or 1888? Dan
                  • Taxes paidPat, Sat Dec 23 10:48am
                    the 1889 tax is listed in 1890 records for previous year. But other records show him listed in Fremont Co in 1888. He had purchased cattle and horses and he also is listed in store receipts for... more
                    • Longabaugh time frames. Mark, Sun Dec 24 9:32am
                      Everything I have read coincides with both Pats and Dans statements. That Cassidy was in Colorado and also in Wyoming during this time period. Possibly rustling and transporting stock back and forth. ... more
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