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Vince Garcia
The many fates of Etta Place
Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:30pm

Became a Madame in San Francisco…
Was actually Ann Bassett…
Opened a cathouse in Fort Worth…
Married a boxing promoter…
Fought with Pancho Villa in Mexico…
Ran a sanitarium.
Led a bandit gang in Argentina.
Robbed banks in the 1920s.
Had a daughter who was a bank robber.
Had a son who inspired the James Bond character.
Died in a South American shootout.
Became a sex slave to a South American outlaw.
Died in 1917.
Died in 1918.
Shot by an abusive lover in 1922
Committed suicide in 1924
Died in 1935
Died in 1959
Died in 1962
Died in the 1970s.

Now you can know the real truth--she was actually my great-aunt by my cowboy uncle from Wickenberg, and died in California in the 1950s :)

    • Re: The many fates of Etta laceBob Goodwin, Sat Dec 23 6:29am
      So many fun and speculative claims. Just like Christmas gifts waiting to be opened! "Became a Madame in San Francisco"…More likely returned to prostitution in San Diego "Was actually Ann Bassett"…... more
      • Re: The many fates of Etta laceVince Garcia, Tue Dec 26 6:21am
        James Bond character not from HL: jr--was posted on Simon's page by a man who was a reporter and interviewed the guy who WAS the inspiration for JB, who saw a photo of EP in his manor and when he... more
        • Would it be this man ? Mark Mszanski, Tue Dec 26 9:41pm

          • Re: Would it be this man ? Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 27 10:54am
            I do not recall the man's name rt now. Not sure I copied the story. I probably did but not sure where i saved it
          • Re: Would it be this man ? Daniel Buck, Wed Dec 27 3:20am
            Mark, What a story, and all in a brief 61 years. The inspirations for James Bond are many, including Ian Fleming himself: Dan
            • James BondMark Mszanski, Wed Dec 27 5:50am
              Dan - Your right, Bond is a composite character . I cannot say if he had Etta Place on his mantle as the character was the result many people who Ian Fleming had met or drawn key personality traits... more
    • Good stuffAnonymous, Fri Dec 22 8:22am
      Whatever you guys are smoking I want some. :)
    • I think we all know what happened to Etta...Brian Mida Bleecker, Thu Dec 21 8:55pm
      Vince, If Etta Place died in a South America shootout, as at least one eye witness account suggests, that would explain the guilt that ultimately led Butch and Sundance to a murder-suicide compact.... more
      • Not BC SKNicholas, Thu Dec 21 11:27pm
        The murder suicide wasn't Butch and Sundance. One of Vince's many deaths of EP may be right. Another possibility was not on the list.
        • Re: Not BC SKChrisV, Fri Dec 22 6:44am
          Reading the inquest, I agree. It was not Butch and Sundance.
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