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Brian Mida Bleecker
I think we all know what happened to Etta...
Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:55pm


If Etta Place died in a South America shootout, as at least one eye witness account suggests, that would explain the guilt that ultimately led Butch and Sundance to a murder-suicide compact. Remember, she was their capable partner in crime, then vanished. I have not yet seen conclusive evidence that she returned safely to San Francisco or anywhere else.


  • The many fates of Etta PlaceVince Garcia, Thu Dec 21 6:30pm
    Became a Madame in San Francisco… Was actually Ann Bassett… Opened a cathouse in Fort Worth… Married a boxing promoter… Fought with Pancho Villa in Mexico… Ran a sanitarium. Led a bandit gang in... more
    • Re: The many fates of Etta laceBob Goodwin, Sat Dec 23 6:29am
      So many fun and speculative claims. Just like Christmas gifts waiting to be opened! "Became a Madame in San Francisco"…More likely returned to prostitution in San Diego "Was actually Ann Bassett"…... more
      • Re: The many fates of Etta laceVince Garcia, Tue Dec 26 6:21am
        James Bond character not from HL: jr--was posted on Simon's page by a man who was a reporter and interviewed the guy who WAS the inspiration for JB, who saw a photo of EP in his manor and when he... more
        • Would it be this man ? Mark Mszanski, Tue Dec 26 9:41pm

          • Re: Would it be this man ? Vince Garcia, Wed Dec 27 10:54am
            I do not recall the man's name rt now. Not sure I copied the story. I probably did but not sure where i saved it
          • Re: Would it be this man ? Daniel Buck, Wed Dec 27 3:20am
            Mark, What a story, and all in a brief 61 years. The inspirations for James Bond are many, including Ian Fleming himself: Dan
            • James BondMark Mszanski, Wed Dec 27 5:50am
              Dan - Your right, Bond is a composite character . I cannot say if he had Etta Place on his mantle as the character was the result many people who Ian Fleming had met or drawn key personality traits... more
    • Good stuffAnonymous, Fri Dec 22 8:22am
      Whatever you guys are smoking I want some. :)
    • I think we all know what happened to Etta... — Brian Mida Bleecker, Thu Dec 21 8:55pm
      • Not BC SKNicholas, Thu Dec 21 11:27pm
        The murder suicide wasn't Butch and Sundance. One of Vince's many deaths of EP may be right. Another possibility was not on the list.
        • Re: Not BC SKChrisV, Fri Dec 22 6:44am
          Reading the inquest, I agree. It was not Butch and Sundance.
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