Vince Garcia
Re: No Proof
Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:46pm

"None of this, as you point out, has any real bearing on Brian Meda Bleecker's photograph, which anyone this side of Helen Keller can tell does not depict Cassidy and Sundance. Dan"

Haha, for some reason, that just reminded me of an old MAD Magazine spread on professional wresting (I think) from the 1980s, in which there was a panel depicting and advertising "Stevie Wonder as Guest Referee"

  • Re: No ProofDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 22 1:21pm
    Bob, as well, the idea that Cassidy and Longabaugh might have met in the 1880s is not "new evidence" either. Donna Ernst first raised the idea 25 years ago, in Sundance My Uncle (1992) and repeated... more
    • Re: No Proof — Vince Garcia, Fri Dec 22 5:46pm
    • Crook County not Cook.Pat, Fri Dec 22 2:54pm
      Crook Co is in extreme northeast WY on Mt border. Butch was in Fremont Co hundreds of miles away in 1888 .Tax records prove where Butch was at.
      • Re: Crook County not Cook.Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 23 10:39am
        Par, thanks, that was my typo. Is the Fremont tax record 1889 or 1888? Dan
        • Taxes paidPat, Sat Dec 23 10:48am
          the 1889 tax is listed in 1890 records for previous year. But other records show him listed in Fremont Co in 1888. He had purchased cattle and horses and he also is listed in store receipts for... more
          • Longabaugh time frames. Mark, Sun Dec 24 9:32am
            Everything I have read coincides with both Pats and Dans statements. That Cassidy was in Colorado and also in Wyoming during this time period. Possibly rustling and transporting stock back and forth. ... more
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