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Vince Garcia
Re: Vince
Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:30am

There seems to be enough reasonable evidence he did Montpelier as Warner claimed it was done on his behalf, and he certainly had no way to explain the money otherwise.. And this does sound like what Butch would do.

Castle Gate has always been attributed to him, with a good variety of ancillary evidence down to the two women from Robbers Roost who bought up all the ammo. Whom were they operating for except Butch and Lay, we would have to ask? Obviously Lay, at least, did the job since his wife left him after the job, and if Lay did it, it's only logical Butch was in it with him.

I know some people deny Butch did Winnemucca, but the large amount of money he, SD and Etta left with speaks to his involvement, along with the tale of sending his photo to Vic Button. (Of course, if you deny he went to SA then that might exclude him.)

So I'd say you have to give it to him there is decent evidence he did at least two famous robberies, and I'd give him a third.

  • VincePat, Sun Dec 24 11:05am
    That is what we will never know. Can't know. The myth is so firmly entrenched in everyone's minds that no one even wants to look at any other scenario. He fought the evil in Fremont County and became ... more
    • Re: Vince — Vince Garcia, Sun Dec 24 11:30am
      • None of it is evidence. Pat, Sun Dec 24 12:10pm
        Just more myths and lies.
        • Re: None of it is evidence. Vince Garcia, Sun Dec 24 1:27pm
          Then if the word of friends and fellow members of his gang, coupled w/good circumstantial evidence doesn't cut it, what would evidence be in an era w/out video? Couldn't we exclude Logan from every... more
          • UmmPat, Sun Dec 24 4:08pm
            Word of mouth and tall tales are not evidence. Documents in any form or photos are. Logan and brothers got caught along with many of the others like Lay and Longabaugh ,Waner, Kilpatrick, Currie,... more
            • UmmMark Robeson, Sun Dec 24 5:40pm
              So, since Butch never got caught, he never committed a crime?????
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