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Daniel Buck
Re: Dan
Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:46pm

thanks. I'm reading notes off my 3x5 card on "William G. Johnson." ullenty referred to Johnson as a state official who concluded that Phillips was Cassidy. The rest of the card is re WGJ and Mart Christensen, Pointer's references to him, press accounts, etc. Dullenty was writing more than 30 years ago, so who knows if the documents have been now located, but, yes, I assume he meant the AHC.

I would retrieve Dullenty's Butch Cassidy Collection (1986), but it's buried in a closet somewhere. Dan

  • DanPat, Thu Dec 28 2:04pm
    William T.Johnson was a Montana and Sheridan ,WY rancher . This info can be found on Mike's page Incidents newly downloaded this morning. In any case he had nothing to do with the real Butch . He may ... more
    • Re: Dan — Daniel Buck, Thu Dec 28 2:46pm
      • Dullenty's commentsBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 29 6:18am
        Pat and Dan, Dullenty was making comments concerning a 7 July, 1940 article in the Spokane newspaper, the "Spokesman-Review," Titled: "Wyoming Outlaw, Records Reveal, Spent his Last Years in Spokane... more
        • Re: Dullenty's commentsDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 6:26am
          Bob, you are up early, just as I was fishing Dullenty's The Butch Cassidy Collection (June 1986) out of the closet. You covered the major points. All I will add is that the 1940 article is not... more
          • re: DanBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 29 6:45am
            One last little comment here. Looking at the article it does say that Johnson "was personally acquainted with the "Butch Cassidy" of 50 years ago." What is not clear is if he knew, or had even met... more
            • re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 9:34am
              Bob, good observation as well, that it's not clear from the 1940 article if William G. Johnson had ever met William T. Phillips, or was just reacting to reports of his 1930s activities. Meaning, that ... more
            • re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 7:02am
              Bob, thanks. The ambiguity I see is in the "of" in "personally acquainted with the 'Butch Cassidy' of 50 years ago," which probably means Johnson said he knew Cassidy in the 19th century, though... more
              • Hang in there. Pat, Fri Dec 29 8:27am
                I will have more info for you soon.
                • A woman who wrote a MSS in 1937 took the info from AHC and is included in her MSS. Plus a lot more.He is the one I listed who died in Lander in post below. They can post it all as my eyes are too bad.
                  • Pat, Turns out Alice Mathew Shields's July 1941 ANNALS OF WYOMING article, "The Life Story of a Fremont County Pioneer Couple, is online. Never would have found it if you hadn't given me the title... more
                    • It was more likely Pat, Fri Dec 29 12:21pm
                      when she was 15 in 1887 when Cassidy and Haynes /Haines first came to Lander.
      • Dan, start digging. (nm)Pat, Thu Dec 28 2:49pm
        • For what it's worthPat, Thu Dec 28 3:11pm
          Right here in River City err.. I mean Lander. William Gale Johnson born Oct 4, 1861 died March 27 ,1952 Buried in Mt Hope just up the hill from me. Had 3 kids. Wife was Emma D,Heenan.
    • oopsPat, Thu Dec 28 2:10pm
      Correction. Mike has Anderson not Johnson. Sorry.
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