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Daniel Buck
re: Dan
Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:02am

thanks. The ambiguity I see is in the "of" in "personally acquainted with the 'Butch Cassidy' of 50 years ago," which probably means Johnson said he knew Cassidy in the 19th century, though could also mean that in knowing Phillips he thus knew Cassidy who was an outlaw 50 years earlier. Minor point, coupled by it not being a direct quote, but written by the reporter.

Yes, there were a few people who were in on Phillips's deception, but it's unclear if any of them knew Johnson. Regardless, an impersonator of someone you might have known 50 years earlier could easily trick you, with or without prompting. Most people are not that skeptical when someone shows up a half century later, claiming to be a former high school classmate, neighbor, or acquaintance. One's first reaction is normally a polite, oh, good to see you. Though the first reaction of some among us would be to secure our wallet. Dan

  • re: DanBob Goodwin, Fri Dec 29 6:45am
    One last little comment here. Looking at the article it does say that Johnson "was personally acquainted with the "Butch Cassidy" of 50 years ago." What is not clear is if he knew, or had even met... more
    • re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 9:34am
      Bob, good observation as well, that it's not clear from the 1940 article if William G. Johnson had ever met William T. Phillips, or was just reacting to reports of his 1930s activities. Meaning, that ... more
    • re: Dan — Daniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 7:02am
      • Hang in there. Pat, Fri Dec 29 8:27am
        I will have more info for you soon.
        • A woman who wrote a MSS in 1937 took the info from AHC and is included in her MSS. Plus a lot more.He is the one I listed who died in Lander in post below. They can post it all as my eyes are too bad.
          • Pat, Turns out Alice Mathew Shields's July 1941 ANNALS OF WYOMING article, "The Life Story of a Fremont County Pioneer Couple, is online. Never would have found it if you hadn't given me the title... more
            • It was more likely Pat, Fri Dec 29 12:21pm
              when she was 15 in 1887 when Cassidy and Haynes /Haines first came to Lander.
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