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Hang in there.
Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:27am

I will have more info for you soon.

  • re: DanDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 29 7:02am
    Bob, thanks. The ambiguity I see is in the "of" in "personally acquainted with the 'Butch Cassidy' of 50 years ago," which probably means Johnson said he knew Cassidy in the 19th century, though... more
    • Hang in there. — Pat, Fri Dec 29 8:27am
      • A woman who wrote a MSS in 1937 took the info from AHC and is included in her MSS. Plus a lot more.He is the one I listed who died in Lander in post below. They can post it all as my eyes are too bad.
        • Pat, Turns out Alice Mathew Shields's July 1941 ANNALS OF WYOMING article, "The Life Story of a Fremont County Pioneer Couple, is online. Never would have found it if you hadn't given me the title... more
          • It was more likely Pat, Fri Dec 29 12:21pm
            when she was 15 in 1887 when Cassidy and Haynes /Haines first came to Lander.
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