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Daniel Buck
non-profit periodical class mail is pokey
Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:16am

Within the US, the WWHA Journal is mailed non-profit periodical class, which is pokey. It takes awhile.

Because there is no overseas non-profit periodical class, overseas subscriptions are mailed first class, Thus overseas subscribers usually receive the Journal before their US colleagues.

If one's top priority is getting the Journal quickly, move overseas. Dan

    • non-profit periodical class mail is pokey — Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 4:16am
      • DanPat, Sat Dec 30 11:07am
        Not concerned about what goes on in any other country. But I do know some have gotten theirs in US. I was just asking. Not trying to start an international incident. LOL Neither Bob nor I have gotten ... more
        • Re: DanVince Garcia, Sat Dec 30 2:06pm
          I have almost nothing delivered to my door--it goes to the PO box, a block away
        • oops, make that Feliz Aņo Nuevo (nm)Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:19am
        • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:17am
          Pat, that is a bummer. Judging from past experience, I would expect yours and mine -- we each are far from Texas -- will arrive next week. Felice Aņo Nuevo. Dan
          • Thanks DanPat, Sat Dec 30 12:11pm
            And Happy New Year to you too. Maybe for New Years resolutions we could all be kinder to each other this next year. :)
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