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Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:07am

Not concerned about what goes on in any other country. But I do know some have gotten theirs in US. I was just asking. Not trying to start an international incident. LOL
Neither Bob nor I have gotten ours yet. Maybe today .

The reason I always worry about all my mail is because of where I live . In my Sr apt the mail room is 2 buildings over. It is a bank of small locked boxes.That means going out in below zero . So if I knew in advance it would be easier.Also no home helper since a week before Xmas to go
and check my mail. But the mail person (a woman) puts our mail in other peoples boxes and then it gets lost for good. I get other people's mail all the time and give it back to mail person .But not everyone here is so nice. Sometimes they read the magazines before they deliver them to us. Mail with checks and etc are not received. My girlfriend in NC sent a card with $10.00 and I never got it. She called on Christmas to talk and said she mailed it on 14th.

You can't call and complain as then they force you to get a Post Office box which you have to pay for and then drive to PO. They will not deliver any mail or packages to our individual apts. This has been this way for 30 years in the apt complex. The same guy is postmaster all that time and could care less what happens to poor people's mail.

So that's why I ask if and when the Journal is out . It is the only subscription I had and now Tombstone Epitaph too. But the TE comes promptly .

Vince if your mail is delivered to your door then be grateful and not snarky.

  • non-profit periodical class mail is pokeyDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 4:16am
    Within the US, the WWHA Journal is mailed non-profit periodical class, which is pokey. It takes awhile. Because there is no overseas non-profit periodical class, overseas subscriptions are mailed... more
    • Dan — Pat, Sat Dec 30 11:07am
      • Re: DanVince Garcia, Sat Dec 30 2:06pm
        I have almost nothing delivered to my door--it goes to the PO box, a block away
      • oops, make that Feliz Aņo Nuevo (nm)Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:19am
      • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:17am
        Pat, that is a bummer. Judging from past experience, I would expect yours and mine -- we each are far from Texas -- will arrive next week. Felice Aņo Nuevo. Dan
        • Thanks DanPat, Sat Dec 30 12:11pm
          And Happy New Year to you too. Maybe for New Years resolutions we could all be kinder to each other this next year. :)
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