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Daniel Buck
oops, make that Feliz Aņo Nuevo (nm)
Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:19am

  • DanPat, Sat Dec 30 11:07am
    Not concerned about what goes on in any other country. But I do know some have gotten theirs in US. I was just asking. Not trying to start an international incident. LOL Neither Bob nor I have gotten ... more
    • Re: DanVince Garcia, Sat Dec 30 2:06pm
      I have almost nothing delivered to my door--it goes to the PO box, a block away
    • oops, make that Feliz Aņo Nuevo (nm) — Daniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:19am
    • Re: DanDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 30 11:17am
      Pat, that is a bummer. Judging from past experience, I would expect yours and mine -- we each are far from Texas -- will arrive next week. Felice Aņo Nuevo. Dan
      • Thanks DanPat, Sat Dec 30 12:11pm
        And Happy New Year to you too. Maybe for New Years resolutions we could all be kinder to each other this next year. :)
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