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You need to do your genealogy on Ancestry (nm)
Mon Jan 1, 2018 8:13am

  • PatVince Garcia, Sun Dec 31 7:17pm
    Did not know this until my mother told me tonight, but my great-grandfather (whether in Wickenberg or not, don't know) actually owned a good silver mine in Arizona. But being a simple, trusting soul... more
    • You need to do your genealogy on Ancestry (nm) — Pat, Mon Jan 1 8:13am
      • I got outlaw blood in me, no wonder I'm the way I am:)Vince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 10:59am
        There's better than that--after posting this I found a bunch of stuff on him on and he was just shy of qualifying as an Arizona outlaw (if you define "outlaw" as only one who robs... more
        • Grandpajim lynch, Mon Jan 1 3:38pm
          I suppose Vince that we all have a grandpa that wouldn't pass muster in everything nowadays. I had one, John B Lynch, born Dade Co Mo in 1834. Trailed a herd to California about 1855 from Arkansas.... more
        • Well VincePat, Mon Jan 1 12:25pm
          That is certainly a tall tale for sure. You did not mention a name. After a cursory search I found no Garcia's in Serbia. But lots of them in Sonora,Mexico. This may be the first case in the US of... more
          • Re: Well VinceVince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 12:51pm
            not that side of the family
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