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Vince Garcia
I got outlaw blood in me, no wonder I'm the way I am:)
Mon Jan 1, 2018 10:59am

There's better than that--after posting this I found a bunch of stuff on him on and he was just shy of qualifying as an Arizona outlaw (if you define "outlaw" as only one who robs banks and trains and rustles cattle, though he may have done rustling for all I know) so I must dismiss all my mother thought about him. He was a thief and a swindler who had a ranch but robbed ranches and businesses in Arizona, then sold what he stole to other ranches and business, but the sheriff caught on to him when he sold a "gang plow" (whatever the hell that is) to a Chinese guy who got caught by the sheriff with it, and he ran to California to avoid arrest, and actually got extradited back after the sheriff of Phoenix went after him (probably a rare thing in 1912), then did a year in the Yuma state Pen (the worst in the nation), and may have been run out of the state after doing his time. Meanwhile, my great-grandmother tried to get welfare of the time while owning a ranch and house in Phoenix, and the sheriff told the county officer in charge of that not to give her a thing since she was living a lot better than most people were.

He also killed someone. But overall, at least from the time my mother knew him (born i think in 1935), he lived a "good" life, so much so that she hadn't the remotest inkling he had done any of this and never heard anyone in the family mention anything about the events of the teens.

I assume he became a blacksmith after jail.

My mother was flabbergasted when I told her all this, and responded that everyone who knew him said he was the nicest guy they ever met.

I told her people said Butch Cassidy was nice too, hahaha

    • I got outlaw blood in me, no wonder I'm the way I am:) — Vince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 10:59am
      • Grandpajim lynch, Mon Jan 1 3:38pm
        I suppose Vince that we all have a grandpa that wouldn't pass muster in everything nowadays. I had one, John B Lynch, born Dade Co Mo in 1834. Trailed a herd to California about 1855 from Arkansas.... more
      • Well VincePat, Mon Jan 1 12:25pm
        That is certainly a tall tale for sure. You did not mention a name. After a cursory search I found no Garcia's in Serbia. But lots of them in Sonora,Mexico. This may be the first case in the US of... more
        • Re: Well VinceVince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 12:51pm
          not that side of the family
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