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jim lynch
Mon Jan 1, 2018 3:38pm

I suppose Vince that we all have a grandpa that wouldn't pass muster in everything nowadays. I had one, John B Lynch, born Dade Co Mo in 1834. Trailed a herd to California about 1855 from Arkansas. Spent four years with the 11th Texas Cav in the uncivil war, bailed out of the Rock Island prison to fight Indians in the northern Plains, and ended up threatening to kill a neighbor for accusing his sons of stealing chickens. Now, that's class!

  • I got outlaw blood in me, no wonder I'm the way I am:)Vince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 10:59am
    There's better than that--after posting this I found a bunch of stuff on him on and he was just shy of qualifying as an Arizona outlaw (if you define "outlaw" as only one who robs... more
    • Well VincePat, Mon Jan 1 12:25pm
      That is certainly a tall tale for sure. You did not mention a name. After a cursory search I found no Garcia's in Serbia. But lots of them in Sonora,Mexico. This may be the first case in the US of... more
      • Re: Well VinceVince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 12:51pm
        not that side of the family
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