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Vince Garcia
My favorite story...
Mon Jan 1, 2018 4:52pm

Of that side of the family, which I only learned at my nephew's funeral from an elderly member a few years ago, are the two sisters of the mother in my tale who were supposed to come join the family in Arizona. One was married, and on the night before they were to sail from England, the unmarried sister got in a big fight w/her brother in law, and refused to go further, and said she was going back home to Serbia. Her sister then said she wouldn't come to America either, and so all three, mad, went back home and didn't get on the TITANIC.

  • Grandpajim lynch, Mon Jan 1 3:38pm
    I suppose Vince that we all have a grandpa that wouldn't pass muster in everything nowadays. I had one, John B Lynch, born Dade Co Mo in 1834. Trailed a herd to California about 1855 from Arkansas.... more
    • My favorite story... — Vince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 4:52pm
    • hehe (nm)Vince Garcia, Mon Jan 1 4:48pm
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