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Bob Goodwin
New Steve Lacy Interview
Tue Jan 2, 2018 8:05am

There is a new Steve Lacy interview on youtube done by Terry Carter from over on the Treasures of Utah forum. Steve presents much of his Butch Cassidy material and theories. Among the most interesting and controversial of his claims are that Butch did not do the Winnemucca, or Castle Gate robberies, that Butch returned in the late 1930s to visit Joyce Warner, That Hiram Beebe was the Sundance Kid. He is also promoting his newest revised version of Matt Warner's book. It hasn't come out quite yet.

I think I even got a shout out at the 19 minute mark. Dan got one at the 1:11 minute mark.

You can find it here for your entertainment:

    • 1:19 mark ChrisV, Wed Jan 3 4:01pm
      Interesting. lol
    • Interesting Mark Mszanski, Wed Jan 3 7:19am
      Bob - Thanks for sending this one out to OWR. The Doctor has interesting perspectives and is also it seems a resurrectionist. I would love to hear how he came to his conclusions and will await his... more
      • Re: Interesting Vince Garcia, Thu Jan 4 4:45am
        The etta cousin claim has been around a long time, but I had a Parker tell me he once heard Butch's own brother affirm that she was as well, but unless census records are off, that girl seems a bit... more
        • Re: Interesting Anonymous, Thu Jan 4 11:57am
          I wonder if the parkers has family in Texas ? In terms of her age the only docs we have is her sign in per my article in the WWHA last year. Sk gives his correct age and it is possible she does as... more
          • re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 1:11pm
            Mark, Neither the Parker or Harris theories have any foundation in truth. As I said before, both women were married and having children, in Utah when the Trio were in SA. Yes, I think it is entirely... more
            • Thanksmark, Thu Jan 4 6:22pm
              The lore seems to be false. In terms of their ages. His is correct and of course hers is maybe. As you stated , they may have simply never thought about it. They were boarding a freighter as crew and ... more
          • Oops last comment was me (nm)Mark, Thu Jan 4 12:09pm
        • Re: Interesting Daniel Buck, Thu Jan 4 6:40am
          Vince, I think it's a Mormon thing, everyone's a cousin. Ernst (2009), p. 95, quotes a David Gillespie, Sr. (1875-1958) letter saying she was 'a Texas lady he [Sundance] had known previously." The... more
          • snickerVince Garcia, Thu Jan 4 4:28pm
            Only issue I have with placing her in Texas as a main background is no one ever said she had a Texas accent For instance, the Etta in BLACKTHORN: "Wha ya tellin'. may?" No indication she spoke like... more
            • Texas AccentsDonna Humphrey Donnell, Fri Jan 5 5:19pm
              Okay, I have to say something about Texas accents, being a Texas descendants since the 1870's. Even in the 1800's we didn't all talk like a country bumpkin. There were actually some very fine... more
              • Re: Texas AccentsVince Garcia, Tue Jan 9 1:58pm
                "if you be a think'n I don't knows what I'mma talk'n about, well I be a think'n you ain't never been to Texas." That's a whole lot closer to the way Laura Bullion talked than the way Etta probably... more
              • excellent observations (nm)Daniel Buck, Sat Jan 6 2:00am
          • The jokes on youChrisv, Thu Jan 4 1:55pm
            Dan you know as much about Mormonism as you do about Butch in 1901.....not much
            • just took her to the drive-in once or twiceDaniel Buck, Thu Jan 4 2:02pm
              Chris, are you saying that Mormons do not statistically have larger families that, say, Catholics, Lutherans, etc. Or are you saying that Cassidy dated his cousin? Or didn't date his cousin at all,... more
              • I would say on average, Mormons statistically have bigger families. I can accept that and say so what? Big families have nothing to do with incest. Did Butch date a cousin? I don't know and I don't... more
                • no sex please, we're outlawsDaniel Buck, Fri Jan 5 9:18am
                  Chris, no one, save you, has raised the idea of incest. No one has even raised the idea that Butch Cassidy had sex, with anyone. There is that 1904 letter Cassidy wrote about being "laid up with a... more
                • Your missing the context and the point Mark, Thu Jan 4 4:35pm
                  Chris. The context of the discussion is whether Etta was a cousin or a Parker. The tongue and cheek comment was not meant to point out Mormons as it could easily be directed to Appalachia or any... more
          • You think or you know?neglib, Thu Jan 4 1:11pm
            A very ignorant statement about Mormons. Must be a fake news thing.
            • Analyzing a joke is like dissecting a frog . . .Daniel Buck, Thu Jan 4 1:42pm
              Lighten up. The jest does have a factual basis. Mormons have larger families, thus more cousins. Modern era Mormons, per a recent Pew study, have almost a third more children than the next most... more
              • The Jokerneglib, Thu Jan 4 3:42pm
                So now it is a joke. Classy! The Pew study has nothing to do with your reference that all Mormons are cousins. You are just trying to cover up what you really meant. If you believe in the Old... more
          • Dan you are funny.Pat, Thu Jan 4 11:02am
            Not only a Mormon thing but a southern thing like in kissin cousins. Plus no one knew who their daddy's were. The Poly's in Mexico who had fled the US with multiple wives and kids later abandoned... more
            • You don't know what you are talking about (nm)Bob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 1:01pm
              • Come on Bob get seriousPat, Thu Jan 4 3:19pm
                You know damn well I know what I'm talking about. Like my mom's last husband. 4th generation Utah pioneer (who came to guard Brigham. And Brigham was said to have over 60 wives.). His great... more
                • Come on Pat, Get SeriousBob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 5:11pm
                  Pat, you are not being funny. Shame on Me???, how about Shame on You! My little finger on my left hand knows more about LDS Church history and doctrine than you do. Living a few years around a fringe ... more
            • Not funnyneglib, Thu Jan 4 1:00pm
              I'm not sure what issue of National Enquirer you are getting your info from. Your slander is not appreciated.
        • Parker HarrisBob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 6:27am
          Both the Parker girl and the Harris girl were married and having children by their husbands in Utah at the time SK, EP, and BC were in South America.
    • Re: New Steve Lacy InterviewDaniel Buck, Tue Jan 2 11:38am
      Bob, Lacy has an amazing collection of Warner & Wild Bunch artifacts. His stories are amazing as well, however amazing in the sense of stretching between unsubstantiated and incredulous. Lacy's... more
      • "I didn't do it"Bob Goodwin, Wed Jan 3 5:50am
        Dan, Steve claims that Butch did not do the Castle Gate Robbery, in part because Butch claimed to a reporter that he didn't do it, and that he had no reason to lie. But then Steve goes on to say that ... more
        • Re: "I didn't do it"Daniel Buck, Wed Jan 3 6:09am
          Bob, Ostensibly Cassidy gave so many interviews to Salt Lake City newspapers at the turn of the last century that he must have given his press agent a bonus. I recall concluding while researching my... more
          • Re: "I didn't do it"Pat, Wed Jan 3 11:40am
            The problem I have with the interview is that we see no actual citations or documents .I suppose they may be included in the new book.Hopefully. Steve is a hoarder and has an enormous collection of... more
    • I'm stupified (nm)Pat, Tue Jan 2 10:23am
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