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Bob Goodwin
"I didn't do it"
Wed Jan 3, 2018 5:50am

Steve claims that Butch did not do the Castle Gate Robbery, in part because Butch claimed to a reporter that he didn't do it, and that he had no reason to lie. But then Steve goes on to say that he did commit the Montpelier Bank Robbery, but ignores the fact that Butch also claimed that he didn't do that one either as reported in both the Salt Lake Herald Sept 17 1896, and the Salt Lake Tribune Sept 18, 1896. One could assume that he had no reason to lie that time ether. He could have told the young traveling salesmen that he did do it, and still have been able to ride away unmolested. Steve and I have discussed this before, and have decided to agree to disagree on this.

  • Re: New Steve Lacy InterviewDaniel Buck, Tue Jan 2 11:38am
    Bob, Lacy has an amazing collection of Warner & Wild Bunch artifacts. His stories are amazing as well, however amazing in the sense of stretching between unsubstantiated and incredulous. Lacy's... more
    • "I didn't do it" — Bob Goodwin, Wed Jan 3 5:50am
      • Re: "I didn't do it"Daniel Buck, Wed Jan 3 6:09am
        Bob, Ostensibly Cassidy gave so many interviews to Salt Lake City newspapers at the turn of the last century that he must have given his press agent a bonus. I recall concluding while researching my... more
        • Re: "I didn't do it"Pat, Wed Jan 3 11:40am
          The problem I have with the interview is that we see no actual citations or documents .I suppose they may be included in the new book.Hopefully. Steve is a hoarder and has an enormous collection of... more
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