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Daniel Buck
Re: "I didn't do it"
Wed Jan 3, 2018 6:09am

Ostensibly Cassidy gave so many interviews to Salt Lake City newspapers at the turn of the last century that he must have given his press agent a bonus. I recall concluding while researching my amnesty Colt article a few years back that the interviews read more like newspaper pranks than the real thing, plus they ran stories about his alleged wife and kid, etc.

That said, unless a bandit is caught/shot at the scene or caught later spending the loot, hard evidence about who was in on which holdup is thin on the ground.

Lacy was speaking off the cuff, but even so, he too frequently asserted the preposterous and the unsubstantiated. Dan

  • "I didn't do it"Bob Goodwin, Wed Jan 3 5:50am
    Dan, Steve claims that Butch did not do the Castle Gate Robbery, in part because Butch claimed to a reporter that he didn't do it, and that he had no reason to lie. But then Steve goes on to say that ... more
    • Re: "I didn't do it" — Daniel Buck, Wed Jan 3 6:09am
      • Re: "I didn't do it"Pat, Wed Jan 3 11:40am
        The problem I have with the interview is that we see no actual citations or documents .I suppose they may be included in the new book.Hopefully. Steve is a hoarder and has an enormous collection of... more
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