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Re: "I didn't do it"
Wed Jan 3, 2018 11:40am

The problem I have with the interview is that we see no actual citations or documents .I suppose they may be included in the new book.Hopefully.

Steve is a hoarder and has an enormous collection of trivia and who knows what else. I did find some of what he said in his opinions to be similar to mine. Some even matches those of Dan like the guns and comments on Lula etc. His comments about Dan are funny even tho he didn't mention him by name .

Of course it's easy for any of us to make claims and have opinions because most of it can't be proven.
On the letter from Longabaugh sent to Anaconda that was written by Grice. So it's evident that Lacy does not have the latest book by Pointer.

As to rock carvings of names well that is nearly impossible to verify .It could have been carved by anyone over the years or even Lacy himself. But what does bother me about the carving of "Casady" is that it's the way Butch signed a receipt I have for a horse he bought in 1892 from Jacob Price the foreman of the Embar. . A promissory note to be exact.

I also agree that Butch was not in on the Wilcox/Tipton train robberies. Nor the Telluride/Castle Gate bank job. It was his brother Dan. Butch was in Wyoming at the time. Nor did he do the Winnemucca. However I was always under the impression that brother Arthur died in a mining accident in Telluride. Do we know exactly how Arthur died? Or when?

I cannot find one example of Butch making claims true or not .The newspapers made up stuff and most of it was fed to them by the Cattlemen or WSGA.

If you look back and compare Torrey to trump they are exactly alike. Which is how Torrey a paranoid rich rancher and Senator was able to distort the truth and create a legend. The Pinkertons being his henchmen. And a Supreme Court Judge Van DeVenter was his lawyer. Powerful men .

I guess we just have to wait for the book.

  • Re: "I didn't do it"Daniel Buck, Wed Jan 3 6:09am
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    • Re: "I didn't do it" — Pat, Wed Jan 3 11:40am
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