Oops last comment was me (nm)
Thu Jan 4, 2018 12:09pm

  • Re: Interesting Anonymous, Thu Jan 4 11:57am
    I wonder if the parkers has family in Texas ? In terms of her age the only docs we have is her sign in per my article in the WWHA last year. Sk gives his correct age and it is possible she does as... more
    • re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 1:11pm
      Mark, Neither the Parker or Harris theories have any foundation in truth. As I said before, both women were married and having children, in Utah when the Trio were in SA. Yes, I think it is entirely... more
      • Thanksmark, Thu Jan 4 6:22pm
        The lore seems to be false. In terms of their ages. His is correct and of course hers is maybe. As you stated , they may have simply never thought about it. They were boarding a freighter as crew and ... more
    • Oops last comment was me (nm) — Mark, Thu Jan 4 12:09pm
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