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Come on Bob get serious
Thu Jan 4, 2018 3:19pm

You know damn well I know what I'm talking about. Like my mom's last husband. 4th generation Utah pioneer (who came to guard Brigham. And Brigham was said to have over 60 wives.). His great grandfather had 10 wives.Was Bishop of Ogden. His own son Jr then married them all including his own mother. Then the son of Jr had 5 wives all while being Sheriff of Ogden. It's all recorded in LDS records.

And I lived in Snowflake ,AZ a totally Poly town where my neighbor left her 5 kids and went to Manti with her new poly husband in the 1980's. No one got kicked out of church for it .. Snowflake the home of the Romney family that took off for Mexico . Ditto on the Flakes. They came from Beaver where Butch was born.There are lots of colonies created in Mexico and even Canada 1892 and we know that when the husbands came back to US they abandoned the families down there. This is just a tiny fraction of your Mormon history.

Please don't ever tell me I don't know. My own gr grandfather in TN had his wife take off with a Mormon from Nauvoo and she died on banks of MS river. The kid was actually a son of my Gr Grandfather but he was then taken to Utah and raised in Dixie under another name.

When you people want to face up to reality then just do the DNA tests . In the recent crackdown on people getting records from Utah it shows just how paranoid they are. Let's not even go into the FLDS like Warren Jeffs. Or even in WY where the early crop of poly's included the towns of Star Valley, Dever, Cowley, Lovell and yes right here in Lander out on Beebe Pct where the Henry, Davis and Beebe families came and were friends with Butch . All from Vernal.Utah by 1880's. You must think we're all idiots.

And you now insult my intelligence, over 50 years of genealogy and even our many years of friendship.How dare you Bob. How dare you. Shame on you.

  • You don't know what you are talking about (nm)Bob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 1:01pm
    • Come on Bob get serious — Pat, Thu Jan 4 3:19pm
      • Come on Pat, Get SeriousBob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 5:11pm
        Pat, you are not being funny. Shame on Me???, how about Shame on You! My little finger on my left hand knows more about LDS Church history and doctrine than you do. Living a few years around a fringe ... more
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