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Bob Goodwin
Come on Pat, Get Serious
Thu Jan 4, 2018 5:11pm

Pat, you are not being funny. Shame on Me???, how about Shame on You! My little finger on my left hand knows more about LDS Church history and doctrine than you do. Living a few years around a fringe Mormon area in the middle of FLDS types does not make you an expert, despite your mother's last husband.

You are still bitter because your ancestor ran off with a Mormon missionary to get away from her brutal and abusive husband. She went to him for protection. She still died from the effects of the abuse that she received at the hands of her first husband.

I have had my DNA tested. On the whole more LDS have had DNA tests done per-capita than any other population. And by the way, all of my relatives fall in right where they should be despite the fact that they married uncles, nieces, and cousins.

You misrepresented just about every statement you made in your post. I have been studying genealogy for over 50 years I know what I am talking about.

You must still be mad at me to misrepresent things as you did.

  • Come on Bob get seriousPat, Thu Jan 4 3:19pm
    You know damn well I know what I'm talking about. Like my mom's last husband. 4th generation Utah pioneer (who came to guard Brigham. And Brigham was said to have over 60 wives.). His great... more
    • Come on Pat, Get Serious — Bob Goodwin, Thu Jan 4 5:11pm
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